What’s on One Entrepreneur’s Desk?

I have a several draft posts backlogged in the queue.  If they age any longer they will go past their post-by date, so here goes…

This is an interesting post from Coyote Blog listing the contents of the action items on his to do list and the top of his desk.  This is a real interesting read for anyone who harbors the thought that working for yourself in a small, entrepreneurial venture will provide the opportunity to control your time and better focus on things you like to do – see how much of this list actually has to do with operating his business.  Unusual?  Only to a limited degree – this business does have operational dependencies on various government agencies, so there’s probably a little bit more bureaucratic overhead here than might otherwise be the case, but it’s a matter of degrees only. 

Link: Coyote Blog: Whats on My Desk.

(hat tip to Jeff Cornwall’s The Entrepreneurial Mind)

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